Regulatory changes Premium Rate Services Czech Republic

Change of General Rules regarding Premium Rate Services in the Czech Republic, which will be in effect from 19th February 2018:

Changes regarding types of Audiotex Line:

  • Audiotex lines of a gambling and lottery nature must not be used for gambling and lottery.
  • In terms of Audiotex lines charged to the customer based on price per time-unit, the provider has to ensure providing of the service in maximum possible call duration calculated from maximum value of transaction 1.200 CZK and used price level.


Changes regarding services provided on Audiotex lines and customer protection:

  • When transmitting services in the media, the customer must be clearly and unambiguously informed in the relevant advert of the final price of the service, including value-added tax and maximum call length (with regards to use of price per minute and the fact that max call duration cannot exceed 1.200 CZK) in minutes (i.e. the call to a number 900951234 with the price per minute of 95 CZK, therefore the maximum call duration is calculated as follows 1.200 / 95 = 12 minutes). The disconnection will be done by mobile operators.
  • When advertising a service, providers must clearly inform customers about the type of service according to time-period charged whether it is a classic service, where there is time-limited (to the calculated length of 1.200/price per minute of used number) or a one-off service.
  • When the service is charged per unit, either as a price for an appropriate time-period, where it is always necessary, with regard to customer protection, to also give the price of a service per minute (erotic, informational, etc.) and maximal possible call duration or per call (e.g. voting).
  • Spoken pricing information must be clearly audible and distinct and must follow immediately behind the communication of ATX number. 

The provider must ensure that all customers using the provider´s services are, under all circumstances, informed about the price of the service per minute/connection /max call duration (see item 2.2.2 above) in a transparent, clear and comprehensible manner and independently on the manner of acquiring the information on the service.


If you require further information on this subject please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you regarding this matter (info(at)

Although this information has been compiled with extraordinary diligence, telequest & Internet Solutions GmbH assumes no liability for their up-to-dateness, completeness and correctness. The customer is in spite of handing out this information obligated to gather all necessary information about the legal and regulatory provisions and the Code of Conduct of the particular country himself.

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